The life of the Angel of Mons, six years later

It would ordinarily be thought that once a book is published and a reading tour is over and the royalties sent to the author the book is done. I don’t know how it is with others, but for me the life of the book goes on. A current example: The Angel of Mons: A World War I Legend was published in 2013 and celebrated widely in 2014. Throughout the years people have gotten in contact with me, adding information and comments about the book, elements in it, family experiences related to the event, and so on.

Last week I received this e-mail and the photographs. Because I don’t get dozens of comments every day—even one a day—I can take the time to reply in detail to the writer.

I wanted to send you photo’s of this painting I own that came to me some years ago.  It was painted by Herbert St. John Jones…a local artist from Nantwich, Cheshire, England.

The measurements of the painting are as follows 53 inches wide X 43 inches tall. This is the back of the canvas, Herbert always signed all his paintings on the reverse.

Back of painting

It’s an oil on canvas painted in circa.1915. 

You may of course use the photo’s in your presentations. I appreciate your response and will take the time tomorrow to send you some more information. 

The Angel of Mons painted by Herbert St. John Jones, 1915

Then she sent me more elements of the picture.

detail, lower right hand corner

This is an example of the benefits I get from my writing, as valued and treasured as the experience of the actual writing and getting the book published.

A second detailed element of the painting

Strangely, all the prose books I have had published since 1981 still enjoy an active life.