Vic Carrabotta

   In December, 2019 Vic Carrabotta, 91 at the time, read Metz’s The Last Eleven Days of Earl Durand. Carrabotta brings the greatest crime spree of Wyoming’s history to life and notoriety in pictures and asked Metz to work with him in producing this Graphic Novel rendition of the story. All the text comes from the book. The Graphic Novel brings together a great artist from the Golden Age of Marvel Comics and Metz’s monumental story. Finished in January 2022,  It is Carrabotta’s great sustained work.


Considered a living icon of the Golden Age of American comics, Carrabotta worked in graphic design and storyboarding from New York to Los Angeles. After graduating from what became the School of Visual Arts in New York, he served in the Marines during the Korean Conflict.

His career in the creative arts spans eight decades. He did original design concepts and storyboards for Disney projects 101 Dalmatians and Pirates of the Caribbean. He developed and directed marketing campaigns for Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, AT&T, Reader’s Digest, and even the Mother Earth.

    His enduring legacy comes for his earliest work when he was one of Stan Lee’s “go-to” artists in Atlas (later Marvel) Comics’ early years. His early work was in horror comics, westerns, science fiction, anthologies, fantasy, suspense. He was one of the few early artists to sign his work. Much is archived in the Irvin Rare Books and Special Collections at the University of South Carolina Library. 

Earl Durand Front Cover
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