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La Legende des Anges Performed

The 3-D performance of The Angels of Mons

The 3-D performance of The Angels of Mons

On the night of August 22, Sarah and I attended a showing of the 3-D projection of the story of the Angel of Mons. The picture shows the façade of the City Hall of Mons. Against this backdrop the half hour extravaganza was projected. I had never seen a production like this. I could not imagine how the detailed façade would not distort anything projected upon it, but there was no distortion. There was even displayed the burning of the building (though the building did not burn up in the war.) The narrated text was in French, so I did not get all the details, but could easily follow the plot and could see what was happening. Music and the sound of bombs enhanced the effect.

The production was performed every night from August 4 (the date Britain declared war on Germany) through the 23rd. The night we went, one thousand people filled the cafes, bistros, and outdoor restaurants and much of the Grand Place itself to watch.

It was exciting to see the story I had written about on the “screen.” Several of the main characters in The Angel of Mons: A World War I Legend were mentioned: Arthur Machen, Phyllis Campbell, Lieutenant Maurice Dease, and Private Sidney Godley.

Win a Copy of my New Book of Poems

brains_cover_-_MoWANNA WIN A FREE copy of my brand new BOOK OF POEMS? Tell me what you think the book’s title (Brains 25c Drive In) means. I’ll select a winner on March 21, 2014.

In late January the first copies of the book of my selected and new poems—
25 ¢
Drive In
–was published by Aldrich Press.

The book’s cover is a photograph of a sign on the wall of an old workers’ lunch buffet in St. Louis, Missouri. The building is gone, and the sign with This photograph remains. These poems preserve its spirit as I absorbed it.  After he saw the cover, actor Don MacKay wrote me, asking what the words on the sign had to do with the poems. I told him to think about it and send me his interpretation. He did. He was right.
The titles of books of poetry invite the reader, like an appetizer, a foretaste, setting the reader’s mind in the right direction.

The Contest: Send me your interpretation of the title. On March 21 I will pick the winning explanation and send a copy to the person who came up with it.

Read two poems from the book. Maybe they will give you some ideas. Anyway, enjoy.

You can take part in the contest in one of three ways:
1) on Facebook you can comment on my post
2) on Facebook you can send me a message
3) send me an email.