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Help me craft a biographical note

I need a biographical note for the back cover of my novel soon to be published, St. George and the Angels of Mons. In this day of social media I would like to have more views of my writing, to craft the final note than my own. I would appreciate it if you who know my writing would offer a phrase, a sentence, a comment or opinion to stimulate my thinking. Thanks. Jerred

Performance from Brains 25 Cents, Drive In

brains_cover_-_MoIn Columbia, South Carolina Trustus, will host the first poetry reading the theater has held–a performance of poems from Brains 25 ¢, Drive In. March 2, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. 520 Lady Street, The Side Door Theater.  No charge for admission. Books will be for sale and signing.

My wife, actor Sarah Barker, will add her voice to the poems. Stevie Patt Mississippi Kites Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos brings a sweet blues guitar to the party.

The selection is divided into five parts: 1) Welcome, 2) Concrete Poems, (poems with stones and clay), 3) Poems Dedicatory (poems to artists and writers), 4)Curses, Prayers, and Blessings, and 5) Finale.

There will be refreshments, but brains will not be served. If you want some, BYOB = Bring Your Own Brains. Of course, you’ll bring the brain in your cranium. But I’m talking about the edible kind—lamb, pig, calf, cow—each equally tasty.

Reserve your seat. https://www.facebook.com/events/529929967121010/