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The Discovery of the remaining copies of “Three Legs Up, Cold as Stone: Six Legs Down, Blood and Bone”

In 1977 Singing Bone Press of St. Louis published a book arts edition of 101 copies of Three Legs Up, Cold as Stone: Six Legs Down, Blood and Bone. At that time more than half of the books were purchased by book arts collectors, libraries and collections specializing in that sort of work.

The book represented the work of the poet Jerred Metz and artists Phil Sultz and Tom Lang. Sultz contributed graphic representations of many of the riddles. Lang, a well-known artist, paper maker, and printer saw to the creation of the book. The remaining forty copies of the book, unbound, were lost track of.

The books survived two moves–from St. Louis to Pittsburgh and then to Columbia, SC. Most remarkably, they survived a major house fire in Columbia. Recently, they were found in the very back of a closet under a set of stairs. In mint condition.

The numbered copies are signed by Metz, Sultz, and Lang.