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PUBLISHED: The Angel of Mons

The Angel of Mons: A World War I Legend is now in print. You can buy it on Amazon by putting in the title. Or, for a signed copy, e-mail me. Now is the time to read the book, share with your friends about it, and spread the word.

The centenary of the angel’s appearance occurs on August 23, 2014. It will be widely commemorated in Mons, Belgium on that date. My wife and I will be there to take part and report.

People ask where I came up with the idea for the novel. In 1978 I read a paragraph in The Book of Lists that told the story. The description made me want to write the story.

Following the battle of Mons, Belgium, on August 26 (sic), 1914, the British Expeditionary Force was in retreat and pursued by a unit of German cavalry. Expecting certain death, the British turned and saw to their astonishment a squadron of phantom cavalry between them and the German cavalry. The German horses were terrified and stampeded in all directions. From the German side came an account that their men refused to charge a point (where the British line was broken) because of the presence of a large number of troops. According to Allied records, there was not a single British soldier in the area. An army chaplain recorded that he had heard accounts of the apparition from a brigadier general and two of his officers. The retreat was successfully accomplished, and soldiers of both armies believed that they had seen a spectral army of angels.

Now you can read this amazing story.

At Amazon you can read a description of the book, see what is said on the back cover, look inside at the Table of Contents, and part of Chapter One.

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