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The Winners of the meaning Brains 25 Cents, Drive In Contest

There are two winners of “what does Brains 25 ¢ Drive In and the two sample poems tell us about the book of poems.”

Helen Brager:

Here’s what I think – the poems need deep thinking for interpretation, so one will need a good brain to decipher what you wrote.  So go buy yourself a good brain.

Mike Henson:

Brains 25c Drive In is a blatant call from a carnival barker, as if brains could be dispensed at such a reasonable price.  A call that Dorothy’s scarecrow would find appealing.

Here the wordsmith brings working class food at a working class price.  It is that simple.  The surprise is in the eloquence of such a dish.

With some sadness, I am remembering a time when the brain sandwich was a staple of south St. Louis pubs and diners. Now only a handful of brain joints remain. Of course the sign and all of its fame points to a forgotten or secret club. Such a place would hold fantastic gastronomic and intellectual delights catering to those two most important organs, the stomach and the brain.

When you read the book of poems, see if you think these are valid explanations. Next week: a recipe for Brain Fritters. I would like to hear what you think of them. Nothing like sitting down to a brain sandwich and read a few of these poems alongside, like cole slaw.