The Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel

For the next several months I will be writing about my next novel. The title might end up being The Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel. Having written about one of the first battles of World War I, I decided to write one about one of the last battles. This will be the first time I have written two books about the same topic.

Marker commemorating the breaching of the Hindenburg Line
Marker commemorating the breaching of the Hindenburg Line

For some time I had been looking for a South Carolina story to write about. As it happened, T soldiers from South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina fought in the Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel. The battle’s significance is that this was the first time soldiers fighting for the Allies breached the Hindenburg Line. The battle was fought on September 29, 1918. The war ended less than two months later, on November 11, 1918. Stay tuned. Get ready. Clean your reading glasses. The book will be out by the beginning of 2017.

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