The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Angel of Mons

The Hermetic Order is important in the world of esoteric societies because of its principle members. Many are known to the history of esoteric practices. Most important are MacGregor Mather and William Butler Yeats. MacGregor Mather life’s work was to bring the Western Mystery Tradition and angelic magic to life. His influence is wide-spread. Chief of the Second Order of the Golden Dawn and Magus Major, Keeper of the Vault, he wrote almost all the important Golden Dawn teachings and documents transmuted a dry system into one of the most powerful the world had ever known. He interpreted the Order’s Z Documents on methods and techniques for invocation, skrying, and divination. Mather taught himself Hebrew, Latin, French, Celtic, Coptic and Greek so he could study ancient texts on mystical practices. Mather created the Tarot’s symbolism.

Next week: Yeats, Hierophant of the Isis Lodge of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In the The Angel of Mons these people receive the message of angelic intervention at Mons and Le Cateau. See what happens then.

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