Recommend a Worthwhile Passage to Send

Recommend a Worthwhile Passage to Send

The University of Rhode Island’s Alumni Association (my BA and MA are from URI) asked me to send a 400 word selection from The Angel of Mons: A World War I Legend to publish in the quarterly Quadangles, thealumni magazine. Instead of picking one myself, I want readers to recommend a worthwhile passage to send.

A Reward for Each Suggestion — The Angel of Mons Apocrypha

Six chapters were omitted from the novel for a variety of reasons, but are interesting nonetheless. Four are versions of the first chapter. “Song of the Vickers Guns” (16 pages), “We English are Here,” Their Presence Said, “And Many Will Follow, and Soon” (16 pages), “To Mons” (31 pages). The first actual chapter is none of these.

Two are from elsewhere in the book. These are “William Butler Yeats and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Attempt to Set Things Straight with George Bernard Shaw” (11 pages), and “Ypres, the Wipers Viper, and the Angels Teach the Skeptic Sewell Macmaster” (21 pages).

Readers suggesting a selection for the Quadangle can pick one of the four. You will receive it as a .pdf file.

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