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People Believe that St. George and his Angels Saved the British

I give the impression in all the blogs I have written about The Angel of Mons that from the start the The Angel of Mons: one versionaccount was taken to be a legend, something made up. This is not the case. In England it was taken to be an appearance and an intercession that really took place at the battle of Mons. People from England who I know tell me that at school it was taught as fact. And at the least, they report that the British and German soldiers saw the angels, but what they saw was a hallucination—a result of fatigue, hunger, and thirst, and the terrors of battle. An example: In his introduction to his translation of The Voyage of Argo, the classic poem by Apollonius of Rhodes, E.V. Rieu recounts a scene in which the Argonauts saw a vision of Apollo. Then he wrote, “Our own men in the retreat from Mons had labored even harder (than the Argonauts.) And each party had its own appropriate vision: Angels for the British troops: Apollo for the Greeks.”

Even a classical scholar believed that the soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force reported seeing angels.

Even more closely do the people of Mons hold to the belief that St. George and his angels came to save the British, and, hence, Belgium and Europe.

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