The 3 D Projection of The Angel of Mons

The Legend of the Angel of Mons In an earlier blog I wrote about seeing a 3-D projection telling a version of the story of the Angel of Mons when we were in Mons, Belgium for the centenary commemorations of the battle.  Here’s a video of the projection.

The text of the video is in French. I knew that I would enjoy the story more if I knew what was being said. I asked a friend, Gail Bienstock, if she could translate the text. She tried to do it by watching the YouTube recording, but found it too difficult. So she sent an e-mail to the Ministry of Culture in Mons asking if she could get a copy of the script. She used my name, which were the magic words. The author sent it to her and she translated it.  Here is the script of La Legende des Anges, in both English and French.

This version, my book The Angel of Mons: A World War Legend, and a graphic novel are all fiction. This version gives a visual depiction, while mine, of course, as a novel, creates a much more detailed version of the events. In any case, enjoy.


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