Artistic Depictions of the Angel of Mons

The Angel of Mons: one versionIn several of the blogs I have written I have accompanied the text with pictures artists had made depicting their idea of the angelic intervention. For the next several weeks I will include them as the main point of what I write about.

Now, to the picture: You can see that the picture views the angels from the perspective of the German soldiers, who appear in the foreground right. In the background is Mons ablaze. Notice the three angels: one is St. George, one, a child, and one British soldier. This comes close to corresponding to the description Arthur Machen gave in his short story, “The Bowmen.”

After that I will begin to describe a new novel I am writing, this one also about World War I and including several of the characters who play a role in The Angel of Mons: A World War I Legend. The next novel will be about the Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel. Look it up and tell me what you think about this as a battle worth describing. I invite you to suggest scenes for the novel to depict.


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